iPhone 7 Plus Allegedly Explodes Inside Packaging

A Reddit user shares photos of a scorched iPhone 7 Plus that allegedly exploded in its packaging.

iPhone 7 Plus exploded
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iPhone 7 Plus exploded.


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iPhone 7 Plus exploded

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has been recalled after multiple instances of phones exploding, like in this Florida man’s Jeep and in a six-year-old boy’s hands. Could the iPhone 7 Plus be headed for the same fate? Probably not, despite photos a Reddit user posted of a scorched iPhone 7 Plus that allegedly exploded in its packaging.  

Reddit user kroopthesnoop humorously posted about the exploding iPhone, including photos of the damages, under the title “Running a little hot.” According to the Reddit user, a co-worker pre-ordered the iPhone 7 Plus and was excited to get it, only to be greeted by an exploded phone. After providing more photos of the phone, kroopthesnoop reported that an Apple executive from the company's Texas offices reached out for more information regarding the burnt to a crisp iPhone. The exec and AT&T will work together to get the co-worker a new phone.

Users were skeptical of the event, with some even questioning if the destroyed phone was really an iPhone 7 Plus. They examined everything from the phone’s packaging to its color. Many ultimately believed it was an outside force that caused the damage, and that it wasn’t an explosion.

Though it would be the first time an iPhone 7 Plus has blown up (if that's in fact what happened), this would not be the first exploding iPhone. Last month, a man in Australia suffered third degree burns after his iPhone exploded.

Apple didn’t respond to Complex’s request for comment.

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