Only Donald Trump Would Get Booed at a Charity Dinner

Donald Trump booed at Alfred E. Smith charity dinner.

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Donald Trump was booed by those in attendance at the Alfred E. Smith charity dinner on Thursday night after making some jokes about his opponent Hillary Clinton. At Wednesday night’s debate, Trump called Clinton “nasty woman” and accused her of being behind the (now) ten women who have come forward with sexual assault allegations. Trump attended the Alfred E. Smith charity dinner in New York City where Clinton was also in attendance. In fact, the two were seated one chair apart from each other.

Hillary and Donald seem to be getting along. Chatting away with a Cardinal Dolan DMZ at the Al Smith Dinner. #AlSmithDinner

Speaking at the event, Trump made some jokes about himself, specifically his “beautifully formed hands,” and jokes about Clinton. Clinton and the crowd, for the most part, were laughing, until Trump made a joke about Clinton hating Catholics. The dinner is a fundraiser for Catholic charities. Talking about the Clinton Wikileaks email revelations of this week in which anti-Catholic comments were made by Clinton's campaign communications director, Trump joked about Clinton: "Here she is tonight, pretending not to hate Catholics."

Boos erupt at charity dinner as Trump jokes about hacked Clinton emails released by WikiLeaks

Trump’s Clinton jokes also covered her email scandal paid speeches for Goldman Sachs. He also brought up calling Clinton a “nasty woman,” saying that after seeing Clinton “rattle on” he doesn’t think “so badly” of Rosie O’Donnell anymore. Last year, when Trump was told he’s called women “fat pigs, dogs, slobs” he said, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.” He recently said the comments were warranted.

When it was Clinton’s turn, she went after Trump. She dropped this zinger when joking about Trump’s concern for her health: “Donald really is as healthy as a horse. You know, the one Vladimir Putin rides around on." Some other tidbits from the dinner:

Scattered boos for Trump as he enters the dinner.
Smith IV says Trump asked HRC how she was before the event. "I'm fine," Smith joked HRC said. "Now get out of the ladies dressing room."
Good Al Smith IV joke: HRC "has told me that Donald is welcome to tweet away. Apparently when Donald tweets, it makes both of them happy."

Stay tuned for more of the Trump/Clinton slugfest and make sure to visit the Complex Election Guide.

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