In an apparent effort at doubling down on his previous misogynistic comments, GOP nominee Donald Trump once again reignited his feud with Rosie O'Donnell during Monday's presidential debate against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. "I said very tough things to [Rosie O'Donnell], and I think everybody would agree that she deserves it, and nobody feels sorry for her," Trump told the nation when pressed about his history of shaming women. O'Donnell was reliably quick to fire back at Trump, referencing her vintage declaration of "orange anus" disapproval from a decade ago:

In the years since Trump's obsession with hurling derogatory remarks at O'Donnell first kicked off, he's called the comedian everything from a "degenerate" to a "fat pig." As noted by NBC News, O'Donnell can likely be credited with offhandedly inventing Democrats' 2016 fav of mocking Trump as a modern "snake oil salesman."

"[Trump] annoys me on a multitude of levels," O'Donnell said during the OG anti-Trump footage from 2006, a segment centered on a Miss USA controversy regarding alleged drug and alcohol use by a contestant. "He's the moral authority? Left the first wife, had an affair. Left the second wife, had an affair. Had kids both times, but he's the moral compass for 20-year-olds in America?"

Trump also received criticism for a series of bold lies and a series of equally bold sniffles, sniffles he deemed nonexistent shortly after the broadcast. Stephen Colbert, however, offered a slightly different theory. "Trump sounded like he was fighting off a cold with cocaine," Colbert said on Monday's live Late Show. "He sounded like the coked-up best man in the bathroom at a wedding. He was like Scarface, but, you know, with more face."