Viral TikToks Expose Fake Black Friday Sales at Major Retailers

Social media users pointed out how Target and Kohl's employed misleading pricing schemes.

Some Black Friday deals don't meet the hype.

A viral TikTok uncovered how Target priced its deals on Friday, which marked the start of the holiday shopping season in the U.S. In the clip, a shopper pulls out the Black Friday sale price cards from the signage to uncover regular sale prices that are the same. The shopper checks three separate TVs and none of them are even a dollar cheaper than the original sale prices.

A Target representative told the New York Post that the TVs “were on sale before Black Friday as part of our early Black Friday sales.”

“We continued to offer those items at the same discount during Black Friday, but updated the signage to reflect the extended timing,” the spokesperson added. “Those discounted prices compared to the regular prices are clearly shown in both sale signs in the video.”

The rep also said shoppers would have saved “between $20-$80 depending on which TV they purchased.”

Another viral TikTok shows something similar happening at Kohl's. In the video, the shopper is seen peeling back a $108 price sticker on the tag of a jacket to show the pre-Black Friday clearance price of $48.60. A placard next to the jackets then shows that the Black Friday deal discounts the $108 item to $64.80.


There were like 5 jackets like this pulled from clearance , priced new at $108 discounted to $64 but have clearance stickers under them for $48 like okay #blackfridsy

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It appears that Amazon employs tricks like this as well, according to one X user. Buyers beware.

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