Chelsea Clinton Attends 'I Am Muslim Too' Rally in Times Square

Chelsea Clinton joined thousands of demonstrators at the 'I Am Muslim Too' rally in NYC.

This a photo of Chelsea Clinton.

Image via Getty/Nicholas Kamm

This a photo of Chelsea Clinton.

A large crowd of people gathered in New York's Times Square to show their support for American Muslims at the “I Am Muslim Too” rally over the weekend. Chelsea Clinton was a proud participant.

The former first daughter attended the Sunday event with her two-year-old child, Charlotte. She posted a tweet thanking the organizers and included the hashtag, #NoBanNoWallNoRaids.

According to Rolling Stone, the “I Am Muslim Too” rally attracted thousands of demonstrators who wanted to promote solidarity following Donald Trump’s now-rescinded temporary travel ban, which many have called a “Muslim ban.”

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons led the rally with a powerful statement about the day’s mission.

"We are here today to show middle America our beautiful signs and, through our beautiful actions and intention, that they have been misled," he told the crowd. "We are here unified because of Donald Trump. We want to thank him for bringing us together […] We have been fighting Islamophobia for many years, but there is a shift towards more hate crimes and more hate. But at the same time, we have to recognize there's also an acknowledgement of that hate and a connectivity that it brings, and a partnership and unity that it brings, so we can have this lovefest today."

The rally’s official website announced leaders such as Imam Shamsi Ali, Rabbi Marc Schneier, Daisy Khan, and Linda Sarsour would attend the event. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and legendary rapper Q-Tip also participated.

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The “I Am Muslim Too” rally is just one of many demonstrations to take place following Trump’s inauguration. During Presidents' Day tomorrow, a series of “Not My President” rallies will take place across the country in major cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Chicago. Organizers told USA Today they expect thousands of people to participate in the anti-Trump demonstration.

“While we acknowledge that Donald Trump holds the current title, the policies he’s trying to put in place are not the beliefs shared by the majority of the people,” NYC organizer Nova Calise told the publication. “We do not accept Donald Trump as our president because he does not represent us.”

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