Kangaroo Has Sex With Pig to Prove Love Knows No Bounds

Kangaroo has sex with pig while goose watches, proving love knows no bounds.

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A male kangaroo and a female pig are the stars of the internet today as photos taken by a tourist visiting the Australian outback have gone viral.

As the Daily Mail reports, the animals are definitely way more than just friends. Based on what the farmer who owns "Apples" the pig told the newspaper, this isn't just a casual hookup, either. The pair has been "in a relationship" for over a year. 

It's nice to see people on the internet being supportive of a non-traditional relationship, because, really, who are we to judge? Sometimes a kangaroo has sex with a pig (and vice versa). And sometimes a freaky goose watches them do it (yeah, we see you goose). That's life in the outback. I guess?

Hopefully this couple wasn't trying to hide their interspecies relationship from their conservative parents or anything, because their spot is definitely blown now. 

The kangaroo's name, by the way, is reportedly "Fuck It." It's not clear whether or not he was named that before he hooked up with the pig.

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