Chick-fil-A Testing Out 6 Pizza Styles, Removing 'No Antibiotics Ever' Label From Chicken

The news overturns a 2014 commitment to use only antibiotic-free chicken.

UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Chick-fil-A will begin using antibiotics in its chicken again.

The fast food chain announced the news in a statement on Thursday, which will overturn a 2014 pledge to use only antibiotic-free chicken.

"To maintain supply of the high-quality chicken you expect from us, Chick-fil-A will shift from No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) to No Antibiotics Important To Human Medicine (NAIHM) starting in the Spring of 2024," the company said.

Chick-fil-A maintains that it will continue using only high-quality meat, and that its chicken remains "real, white breast meat with no added fillers, artificial preservatives, steroids—and no added hormones."

The move comes nearly a year after Tyson announced plans to begin using a “no antibiotics important to human medicine” label on its chicken and other food items. Similarly, Chick-fil-A will now make a shift toward that same label, but will use only antibiotics intended for animals to treat sick chickens.

Meanwhile, Chick-fil-A is also gearing up to roll out a new menu of pizzas, with the Atlanta-based company’s test kitchen, Little Blue Menu, already serving up six new pizza options. The menu includes two pizzas topped with chicken nuggets (Chick-fil-A Pizza Pie and Buff-lo-Ranch Pizza Pie), as well as three standard pizzas: cheese, pepperoni, and meat-and-vegetable.

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