Wendy's Reveals Plans to Launch First-Ever Holiday-Themed Frosty

Ahead of the holiday season, Wendy’s has detailed its plans to launch the peppermint Frosty, which replaces the hugely-popular strawberry flavor.

new wendy's frosty flavor for the winter season
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new wendy's frosty flavor for the winter season

Ahead of the holiday season, Wendy’s has unveiled its new Frosty flavor.

As exclusively revealed by CNN, the fast-food franchise will launch the holiday-themed peppermint Frosty, which will replace the massively popular strawberry flavor the chain launched this year. Peppermint is actually only Wendy’s third new Frosty flavor in the past 16 years, at least in the United States.

“Folks enjoyed the strawberry Frosty enough that we knew it was important to get after another flavor and one that would tie well with the holidays,” said Wendy’s chief marketing officer Carl Loredo. “Peppermint is amazing, and it’s a great way to ring in the holiday season.” While Loredo didn’t reveal sales figures for the strawberry Frosty, he said they had such “great success” that they want to keep the new flavors coming.

“It’s an accelerated path, but it’s something we’ve been working on for a few years,” he said. “[Peppermint] was a flavor that we knew consumers liked—ultimately, the commercialization piece [was an aspect] we needed to finalize quickly, but it’s been something we had our minds.” The drink is set to gon sale across the country next week, and Loredo added that he “wouldn’t be surprised” to see new Frosty flavors as early as next year.

When Wendy’s announced the strawberry Frosty flavor back in June, Loredo took some thinly veiled shots at McDonald’s infamously temperamental McFlurry machines.  “While some of our competitors are still trying to get their ice cream machines to work, fans can dip into this new strawberry treat all summer long at Wendy’s," he said at the time.

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