TikTok Teen Criticized for Giving the Impression That an Ashanti Cover Was Her Own Song

Teenage TikTok star Danielle Cohn is getting called out after she shared a preview of what she insinuated was her own song but was actually Ashanti's "Foolish."

tiktok teen who stole a song

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tiktok teen who stole a song

Teenage TikTok star Danielle Cohn is getting criticized after she shared a preview of what she claimed was her own song but was really a cover of Ashanti's "Foolish."

Cohn, who is reportedly now 16, first gained online attention for videos in which she lip-synced along to famous tracks back in 2016. By the time she was 13, she revealed that she was planning to move to Los Angeles to help launch her music career, as BuzzFeed News reported in 2018.

Cohn claimed at the time that she was one of the most hated people on Instagram, an impressive boast considering her competition included the likes of Tekashi 6ix9ine and Woah Vicky. While Cohn might not be the internet's actual least favorite person, she is now getting a lot of static from Ashanti fans, as she has seemingly referred to her version of "Foolish" as her own song, rather than a cover.

"Make a TikTok to my new song," she wrote, even calling the track "Foolish" in the description of the video. Fans came out in droves to criticize Cohn for not highlighting that it was a cover, especially as many of her followers are young people who likely haven't heard the original before. As many were quick to point out, she never gave Ashanti credit on the TikTok, and has even made merch related to the cover.

After the backlash started, Cohn addressed the situation in brief tweet.

"Do people not understand what a cover is," she wrote, glossing over how she at no point prior to the backlash had credited it as such. Due to all the attention the cover got on Twitter, Ashanti's name started to trend.

Read what people had to say about the situation below.

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