Overland Park Police said they discovered a dead body at a Kansas family’s home that had been there for over six years.

As reported by WNCT, police visited the home of the family in October 2022, and they discovered the body of Mike Caroll. When investigators looked at his pacemaker, they determined that he was 81 years old when he died on July 1, 2016. Relatives of the deceased said that four other people have been living at the home since his death, but they were completely unaware he had died.

“Just so confused about the whole thing. You know, how can this happen? And how can he lay there for that many years and nobody reported?” the deceased's niece Janet Carroll told WDAF. His body was discovered in the property, which has fallen into disrepair, on a bed by authorities when they visited. “I guess the coroner said natural causes but, you know, how do you disprove neglect?” added his niece, who currently lives in Russell, Iowa.

Another niece of Carroll said that whenever she visited, she was told a “different story every time” about his condition. “They would say he was sick,” Caroll said. “They were going to be gone. COVID… My dad’s cousins live in Kansas City, and they had gone over there and nobody answered the door.”

Ro Nguyen, who lived next door to the property, said he knew of Carroll but didn’t see him for a long time. He didn’t suspect anything, though, because he didn’t notice any smells.