60-Year-Old Woman Who Fell Into Dumpster Survives Being Compacted by Garbage Truck

A neighbor who witnessed the moment said they heard her screaming "in agony."

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A 60-year-old woman from Manchester, New Hampshire miraculously survived after falling into a dumpster near her home and being compacted by a dumpster truck multiple times.

As reported by Boston 25, the unnamed women was in a dumpster for some reason when a truck on Beech Hill Drive picked it up and emptied its contents into the back of the vehicle. Fire officials who responded to the incident said that she was inside the truck as it compacted up to four times. Thankfully, the driver of the truck eventually noticed she was in the truck because she was seen on one of its cameras.

"All you heard was screaming," said her neighbor, Amanda Czzowitz. "She was in agony."

Matthew Czzowitz added, "My kids are home from school, and they’re watching. I was like, girls, once you see her come out, I don’t want you watching."

Neighbors confirmed that she is a resident of the local area. Fire officials have yet to determine how the incident happened, but they said the woman told them she fell into the dumpster when throwing stuff away. She did not say how long she was in there before the truck came along.

The rescue operation took 30 minutes and she has since been taken to Eliot Hospital, where she is in serious condition.

"Thirty-two years. I've never seen anything like this my whole career," Manchester Fire Department Battalion Chief Bob Beaudet told ABC7. "It's alarming, because you don't really think it's true. You don't think it really happens."

Shockingly the driver told Beaudet that it's not the first time it's happened to him. "It was definitely one for the books," added Beaudet.

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