Florida Pair Charged After Reportedly Abducting Man, Torturing Him for 3 Days

Police say the two tortured the man in an effort to get him to admit to cheating, by chaining the man, stealing from him, and making him drink bleach.

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Two people in Florida are being charged after police say they kidnaped a man, held him for three days, and tortured him.

It hasn’t been made clear how the pair—51-year-old Marie Dorsainvil 56-year-old Occius Dorsainvil—are related, but they are now facing charges of kidnapping, attempted murder, and armed robbery, per WPLG. An arrest report noted that they confessed to the crimes, the station reports. 

Police say the two tortured the man in an effort to get him to admit to cheating by chaining the man, stealing from him, making him drink bleach, and as WTVJ reports, telling him that if he went to the bathroom he’d have to eat it.

The station reports that the man was initially lured to an apartment, when Marie Dorsainvil asked him to visit and told him that her husband was in Haiti. After he went up to the apartment, Occius then showed up with a gun and tied the man’s arms and legs with a cord, according to police, making him crawl to the bathroom before he was made to record a statement and admit to cheating. 

On the second day, they reportedly offered the man food—which he denied—and tried to get him to pay $50,000 dollars and sign over his car title. The next day, he reportedly was forced to shower at gunpoint, drive away with the suspects, and drink a container of bleach with Haitian rum.

He woke up 30 minutes later and ran for help. Police eventually tracked down the Dorsainvils. The pair are being held at Miami-Dade jail, as of Friday. 

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