Uber to Crack Down on Fake Complaints From Users Trying to Finesse Refunds

In an apparent bid to become the most "fair, accurate, and transparent" platform for flexible work, the company announced new measures to protect drivers from false accusations.

Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Uber is cracking down on unfair deactivations and ratings for drivers.

On Monday via a blog post, the company announced that it's rolling out technology that identifies riders or Uber Eats customers who give bad ratings with the intent of getting a refund.

“We have heard from drivers and couriers that they sometimes feel like Uber sides with customers, especially when it comes to complaints that cause them to lose access to their account,” the company writes.

The statement continues, “We strive to promote safety for everyone who uses Uber—but the reality is that people sometimes make false accusations, often with the intent of getting a refund from Uber. While we may take action to remove these customers from the platform, we know there are still underlying concerns about these reports.”

Uber also announced that it will expand its review center to provide more information on why an account was deactivated, allowing drivers to request a review and submit evidence like audio or video recordings. 

For drivers accused of drug-impaired driving, a nationwide partnership with LabCorp will provide the option to take a drug test, with Uber taking care of the cost, regardless of the outcome.

“Allegations by these customers will not be considered in drivers’ ratings or deactivation decisions,” states the company.

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