Pastor Allegedly Tried to Deep-Fry McDonald's Cook After He 'Disrespected' His Wife

The accused was charged with assault and is set to appear in court in January.

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A North Carolina pastor was arrested after allegedly attempting to deep fry a McDonald’s employee.

According to Business Insider, the incident occurred on Thursday at a McDonald’s restaurant at High Point, North Carolina where 44-year-old Latoya Gladney, a manager in training, claimed her employees were “disrespecting” her. 

Gladney reportedly then called her husband Dwayne Waden, 56, for help.

The incident report reviewed by Business Insider alleges that when Waden arrived at the restaurant, he walked around the counter and placed his hands around the neck of an employee and attempted to push his head towards a deep fryer. A fight reportedly ensued between the two men, with Wade reportedly punching the victim in the face repeatedly until several employees were able to get him off the victim.

Per the report, the victim suffered “a large contusion” to his forehead and right eye plus scratches on his neck. The victim was checked out by emergency responders but he opted to be transported to a hospital by family members.

The news site also uncovered that Waden is a pastor at the Elevated Life International Ministries, per his Facebook page.

Footage of the incident was reviewed by police, who then charged Waden with assault, according to a separate arrest report. He was set on a $1000 bail bond and is set to report to court on Jan. 22.

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