Video Shows Bullfighter Getting Gored in the Butt, Making a Recovery

A bullfighter in Spain endured a gruesome injury after a faceoff gone wrong.

Andrea Pistolesi / Getty Images

To be a great bullfighter, you have to be ready to grab life by the horns. That was the case for one matador who was gored at a recent bullfight.

Alejandro Conquero, 28, the son of an infamous bullfighter who went by the Hurricane of Huelva, found himself in serious a situation on Monday at the annual Prieto de la Cal in Madrid, Spain.

Conquero was able to hold his own while challenging a white bull with a pink cape. With the bull growing more furious, it suddenly thrust its massive horns into Conquero and sent him flying in the air. The bull was able to get a second thrust, this time right into Conquero’s rear end before once again launching him aloft.

Other bullfighters immediately stepped in to divert the bull away so Conquero could receive immediate medical attention. According to a report by COPE, Conquero's doctors say the bull’s horn pierced through his rectum and went through his coccyx with the injury possibly affecting his sphincter. Regardless of the extent of his injuries, Conquero is in good spirits.

“I’m emotional and I’m giving many thanks to everyone lately who have thought of me,” Conquero said in a statement written in Spanish shared to his Instagram Stories. “The progress is positive, there’s no fever, pain, the usual but with the hope that I’ll be able to suit up soon.”

Watch the gruesome moment between Conquero and the bull below:

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