Kimberly Guilfoyle's Deranged RNC Speech Lights Up Twitter

Memes quickly rolled in after video of Kimberly Guilfoyle's unhinged, pre-recorded speech at the Republican National Convention went viral.

kimberly guilfoyle memes

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kimberly guilfoyle memes

In households across the country, Kimberly Guilfoyle’s voice boomed loudly this morning proclaiming “the best is yet to come!” Those are the last words of her puzzlingly deranged, pre-recorded speech that debuted at Monday night’s Republican National Convention.

Guilfoyle’s words were clearly intended to rally the people, but they might have not rallied the people she’d hoped for. Instead of “leaders and fighters for freedom and liberty,” her call to action was met with countless memes and reactions from critics. 

Most of the memes take aim at Guilfoyle’s strange delivery. As previously stated, this speech was pre-recorded; she could have gone back over it at a lower decibel. 

Others criticized Guilfoyle’s comments about Puerto Rican “immigrants,” referencing her own family history. She fails, as many conservatives do, to recognize that Puerto Ricans are Americans.  

And some see Guilfoyle more plainly as an opportunist for the Trump administration. She and her boyfriend Donald Trump Jr. also love taking private jets and making big salaries with campaign dollars.

Anyway, if you want to laugh at someone who totally could have prevented this entire situation, here are some memes.

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