Federal Employee’s Porn Infects Government Network With Malware

The employee infected a government network by watching thousands of adult film pages on his work computer.

gov porn

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gov porn

There is nothing wrong with watching porn in the comfort of one’s home, but things start getting a little weird when you bring that habit to work, especially if you work for the U.S. government. According to Tech Crunch, one federal employee was in the hot seat for infecting a government network with malware because he watched too much porn on his work computer.

An audit made public earlier this month by the U.S. Department of the Interior’s inspector general revealed discovered that the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) network at the EROS Center was infected thanks to an employee who “visited thousands of porn pages that contained malware.” More than 9,000 porn visits to be exact. It’s worth noting the EROS Center is based in South Dakota, a state where there is very little to do.

The employee’s laptop shows his “extensive history” of watching porn, and many of the images were “subsequently saved to an unauthorized USB device and personal Android cell phone,” which is connected to his government computer. Thus the phone, unsurprisingly, was also infected with malware.

It’s unclear what is going to happen/has happened to this horny employee, though it’s impressive that they were able to fly under the radar and still manage to get their work done while watching so much porn. It’s not too big of a deal, considering the EROS center isn’t connected to any classified information. Still, the USGS’s website access and open USB ports were vulnerable to cyber attacks because of this person’s porn habits. The inspector general recommended that USGS blacklist "rogue" websites for its employees, which only seems fair. 

Again, there’s nothing wrong with watching porn. Just keep it on your home computer.

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