You'd be forgiven for naively treating 2021 like a magic button that made the MAGA cult disappear from the news cycle. If the first week of the new year is any indication, and it most likely is, we are going to be stuck with them—in some form or another—for a very long time.

On Tuesday, MAGA member Eric Frederick Trump—perhaps most known for telling Americans back in May 2020 that COVID-19 will "magically all of a sudden go away and disappear"—made multiple threats to every Republican lawmaker who doesn't back his father's continued efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

In addition to the tweet above, Eric Frederick Trump made similar comments during an appearance on whatever Sean Hannity's show on Fox News is called.

"It doesn't feel right, itt doesn't look right," Eric Frederick Trump, who once credited his failed steak salesman daddy with having "literally saved" christianity, said on Tuesday night. "Tomorrow's gonna tell you a lot about the country. I can tell you, Sean, that any senator or any congressman—meaning, on this side—that does not fight tomorrow, I'm telling you, will not,"he said. "Their political career is over because the MAGA movement is, it's going nowhere. My father has created the greatest political movement in American history. And I'm telling you, they will get primaried the next time around."

These threats, of course, have been widely condemned by anyone who isn't a born-again MAGAhead.

In semi-related news, Republican Mitt Romney was recently approached and heckled at an airport by some mask-averse MAGA dolts about his decision to not support Trump's futile attempts to overturn the election: