UPDATED 12/28, 6:20 p.m. ET: Following Biden saying he supports increasing payments to Americans, the House of Representatives voted 275-134 to approve $2,000 stimulus checks.

It will now go to the Republican-controlled Senate for a vote.

On Tuesday, Trump reiterated his desire for $2000 checks as well. 

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Hours before the Democratic-led House votes on increasing COVID-19 stimulus checks from $600 to $2,000, President-elect Joe Biden expressed his support for sending more financial relief to Americans. 

Following a speech Biden gave on Monday, an NBC reporter asked the former vice president if he supports the $2,000 checks. "Yes," he said definitely, while walking off stage. Check out footage of the interaction below.

The House, led by Nancy Pelosi, will vote on the increase Monday evening, after Donald Trump signed the new COVID-19 relief bill into law on Sunday. Trump repeatedly pushed congress to increase the amount of the direct payments from $600 to $2,000. 

Biden's comment about the stimulus checks followed a speech where he discussed several challenges his transition team has encountered as he prepares to take office next month. 

"Right now, we just aren't getting all the information that we need from the outgoing administration on key national security areas. It's nothing short, in my view, of irresponsibility," Biden said, criticizing the Trump Administration. 

The former VP also called out his predecessor for Trump's lasting damage to federal agencies. 

"The truth is, many of the agencies that are critical to our security have incurred enormous damage," Biden said. "Many of them have been hallowed out in personnel, capacity, and in morale. The policy processes have atrophied or have been sidelined."