Mitch McConnell, perhaps best known for being the current Senate Majority Leader with an extended history of callous indifference regarding any of our respective existences, swears the number of concerns is at zero despite widely circulated photos showing bandages and bruises on his hands.

The most prominent of the photos in question, per a rundown on its veracity from Snopes, was an Associated Press-distributed pic in which McConnell's hands—notably bruised and discolored, among other things—were shown in a close-up.

The photo, understandably, spurred widespread speculation as to what the hell is going on here. Some wondered if it might all be related to potential COVID-19 reasons, while some theorized that McConnell could be undergoing dialysis and is currently on a blood thinners plan.

On Thursday, McConnell failed to get specific when presented with inquiries regarding his overall health. Instead, he offered up an "of course not" when asked by reporters in the Capitol whether he had any health issues in progress of which Americans should be made aware.

Later, McConnell—per CNN—claimed there were "no concerns" when asked directly about the bruises and his general health status.

McConnell's recent Senate activities have included sharing a statement in support of Amy Coney Barrett being nominated to the Supreme Court. Barrett's troubling history on a number of issues, of course, has been well-documented.