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Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Paul have teamed up with Finish Line to highlight the importance and impact of your voice and voting during this election.

"As a part of our commitment and responsibilities as an ally, we intend to highlight and amplify voices within our community," Finish Line wrote in the caption. "Each week our Senior Cultural Partnerships Strategist, @omarr introduces you to a new guest who will be diving into important topics affecting the community. For Volume 18, we’re joined by future @NBA Hall of Famers @carmeloanthony, @dwyanewade, & @cp3. They’ll be discussing the power of voting, how their @socialchangefnd is empowering people to vote, their partnership with @hbcuheroes and the work they’re doing to empower communities of color."

"It's more serious now than ever" Melo added during the 12-minute conversation posted to Instagram. The trio covered topics ranging from the impact of voting, how voting can enact change, and the importance of instilling more voting literacy in communities. 

This is just the latest in athlete-lead initiatives to help push people to the polls. LeBron James also started the campaign More Than a Vote that promotes voting literacy in lower-income communities and has been helping convert sports arenas into makeshift polling centers this election season.