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2020 has been such a bizarre year, which is probably why drivers on a highway in New Jersey were captivated by what they thought was a UFO sighting. 

Many couldn't believe what they were witnessing. 

The apparent UFO appeared to be hovering over MetLife Stadium Monday night, where the New York Giants were hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers. While it's a weird NFL game choice, were these aliens aware that humans aren't allowed to attend sporting events in person due to COVID-19, and they were just pulling up in their literal skybox seats to shove it in our faces? Upon closer look however, it was clear that the oddly familiar-looking spacecraft actuallt hailed from the not-so-distant planet of Goodyear.

And what would a UFO sighting be without some truthers?

While excited civilians may have had their bubbles burst by the real culprit here, some genuine UFOs might be headed our way sooner rather than later.