On Tuesday morning a beachcomber out for a stroll, we'll call him Jimmy Senda (his name), said he came across a square package wrapped in tin foil that was held together with a pink rubber band. Senda was curious as to the contents of this mystery package, and opened it up to find something very gross and out of the ordinary he eventually took pictures of (you can see those at the bottom of this post).

Though his own brain didn't compute that it was a brain at first, he said he then came to associate his find with the organ that often resides in one's skull.

“Curiosity got to me, so I popped it open and it looked like a chicken breast,” the 47-year-old Senda said to Fox News 6. “It took a little bit for it to really [register] of what was going on; it was a brain.”

For context, Senda is a construction worker and artist who often walks beaches to try and find things (like sea glass) he can use for sculptures. “It didn’t register as a human brain—I was just like, ‘What is this?’ ” he added. 

He ended up calling the police. According to the Racine County Medical Examiner (who spoke to TMZ) the brain isn't human, and they are operating under the early belief that it might be a cat's. In either event it seems unlikely someone's going to come forth and claim it. The package is also said to have included flowers and Chinese money.

As is the custom for people finding weird shit, Senda posted his discovery to Facebook. On that post are comments that indicate the brain looks smaller than it appears in the pictures, though finding a cat brain with money and flowers would still seem to represent something bizarre and interesting enough to warrant uploading online (especially when compared to baby pictures/somewhat appetizing entrees/whatever other crap people put on social media every minute of every day).

Anyway, let us use this third-to-last sentence to note that this could all be some sort of a hoax, which means you wasted 75 seconds reading this far. Though that would be less fascinating, it would also probably be better than whatever the alternative is. Check out the pics:

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