A little over a month after a large explosion shocked residents, a fire has broken out at the Port of Beirut.

The fire is said to have started on Thursday and again caused concern among residents who are still dealing with the impacts of the aforementioned ammonium nitrate-caused explosion. According a report from the Associated Press, the cause of Thursday's fire was "not immediately clear.

Lebanese authorities, however, have confirmed that the fire started at a warehouse where oil and tires are kept in a duty-free zone at the port. At the time of this writing, the fight against the fire remained ongoing, with Lebanese army helicopters participating in the containment efforts.

Offices near the port have been instructed to tell employees to vacate the area. Lebanese officials, meanwhile, have closed a major road that passes by the port, directing traffic to surrounding areas. Per Thursday's report, this is actually the second fire at the port this week, with another “small fire” said to have erupted at the site before being quickly put out.

Last month's explosion ultimately killed more than 190 people and injured thousands. Multiple buildings in the Lebanese capital were severely damaged. Video clips of the explosion and the ensuing moments of panic were widely shared on social media.