While some protests across the country are taking spirals into more dangerous territory, Saturday's protest in Philadelphia topped off with a sweeter touch with a wedding reception. 

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Kerry Anne and Michael Gordon left Logan Hall where they were wed to join the crowd of people marching at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to City Hall. The crowd took a brief break from the cause to allow the couple—who were still dressed in their wedding attire—to hold hand and kiss in the street. The power of love on so many levels #BlackLivesMattter #phillyprotest pic.twitter.com/b5ox0QcnIz

After taking the time to soak in the moment and snap a few pictures, the newlyweds reportedly joined the protest. 

Saturday marks the eighth day of demonstrations in Philadelphia. Like many cities around the country, Philadelphia residents are protesting George Floyd's murder and the epidemic of police brutality.