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Four "diehard" neo-Nazi members have been jailed after it was found that they were members of the banned terrorist group, National Action.

Former Miss Hitler beauty pageant contestant, Alice Cutter, along with her ex partner Mark Jones were both found guilty of membership of a terrorist group after their trial in March saw them sentenced with two other members: Garry Jack and Connor Scothern.

The sentencing, which took place at Birmingham Crown Court on Tuesday, saw Judge Paul Farrer QC tell Jones that since the organisation was banned back in December 2016, he had played "a significant role in the continuation of the organisation."

"You never held an organisational or leadership role," Judge Paul Farrer said to Alice Cutter. He continued to say that she was a "trusted confidante" of one of the group's leaders, and believed to be in a "committed relationship" with Jones.

Cutter then went on to deny being a member of the terrorist group — even though she attended the group's rallies, where she was seen raising a banner which read, "Hitler was right".

Jack, 24, from Shard End, Birmingham, was found guilty of attending almost every meeting of the NA's Midlands subgroup while also carrying a previous conviction from before the group was banned for plastering Birmingham's Aston University Campus with NA's racially-motivated stickers, some reading: "Britain is ours! The rest must go".

19-year-old Scothern from Nottingham was seen as "future leadership material" and was found to have distributed almost 1,500 stickers which called for a "final solution", referencing the racist views towards the Jewish community.

Cutter has been jailed for three years, while Jones received a five-and-a-half-year prison term. Jack received a four-and-a-half-year sentence, and Scothern has been handed a sentence of detention for 18 months.