Twitter has become a battleground for conflicting opinions. Although Donald Trump has historically used the platform to his advantage, the ideologies that he seems to promote found him labeled as the site's top racist. 

On Saturday, users began to notice that Twitter's algorithm had been triggered to render President Trump's account the top result when people search the term "racist" on the site under the category of people. 

A spokesperson from Twitter tells Business Insider that the algorithm creates results based on the user's behavior and the response to his/her's actions. 

"If an account is mentioned often alongside certain terms, it can become algorithmically surfaced together as a recommendation," the spokesperson explains. 

The President hasn't had a great start to June. Since the killing of George Floyd, the county has erupted into flames. Donald Trump responded to this by imploring state governors to deploy their National Guards against citizens. He's reignited his attack against NFL players, demanding that they stand for the National Anthem despite the on-going racial injustice. Also, he's facing a lawsuit from the Black Lives Matter organization which claims that its member's rights were violated when Trump forced protesters out of Lafayette Square so that he could take a picture in front of a church.

This in addition to the nationalism that fuels his Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement makes it practical for those who object his policies to commonly associate him with the term "racist" on social media.