UPDATED 6/5/20, 9:54 p.m. ET: Maryland authorities have arrested 60-year-old Anthony Brennan III, the man accused of assaulting a group of young people who were hanging flyers in support of George Floyd.

According to CBS Baltimore, the Kensington resident was taken into custody Friday and charged with three counts of second-degree assault. The Maryland-National Capital Park police said they were able to identify the suspect thanks to "the abundance of tips and information shared" by the community.

"Over the past few days, community members have sent hundreds of tips to the Park Police," the department wrote in a press release. "Detectives in the Investigative Section utilized various sources to further corroborate the information provided by the community before developing Mr. Brennan as a primary suspect. Contact was made with Mr. Brennan and his legal counsel earlier today. Consent was provided to search his home while members of the State’s Attorney’s Office and Park Police were present. Items of evidentiary value were seized."

Brennan turned himself in on Friday night.

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A cyclist who was caught on video assaulting three people, who were placing flyers in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, is wanted by police in Maryland. As CNN reports, Maryland-National Capital Park Police have asked the public for help in tracking down the suspect, who was filmed aggressively berating young peaceful protesters.

The assault took place on Monday on the Capital Crescent Trail in Montgomery County, police revealed. NBC News reports two teenage boys and a teenage girl were walking the trail and posting flyers that brought attention to the death of George Floyd, when a man on a bicycle pulled up and started to argue with them. He proceeded to grab the flyers from one of the victims, as seen in the video below, and then pushed his bicycle to the ground and charged at the victim filming the video, causing them to fall to the ground.

"Get off of her!" one person yells in the video, to which the man responds, "Fuck you." 

The suspect has been described as a 50 to 60-year-old white male, medium build, short brown hair, at around 6 feet in height. "At first he seemed intrigued at our message, but he quickly got aggressive and tore the sheets from my hands," the anonymous teen who shot the video said. The teen started to record the incident after the suspect pulled the flyers from his hands.

He added that he hasn't been put off from placing the flyers around. "There's tons of people watching TV and saying 'wow that's horrible' and shake their head, but don't actually work to change it," he told CNN. "That's what I want to try and inspire is for people to actually go change things instead of just being an observer."