If you live in Georgia, odds are your streets might have just gotten a bit more crowded. CNN reports that nearly 20,000 Georgian teens now have their driver's licenses without having taken the appropriate tests

Governor Brian Kemp recently enacted an executive order, which allowed teens to receive their driver's license without having to take a road test due to social distancing laws that are in effect. Instead of the final—and arguably most difficult—aspect needed for a driver's license, parents are on the honor system and are being tasked with deciding themselves when their teen is ready to hit the streets, no pun intended. The temporary rule which is set to expire in mid-May. 

While the road test does, subjectively, suck, it's still a bit unnerving to know that so many teens are now able to drive without taking it. Wisconsin is also reportedly looking to adopt the same executive order and scrap its road test for the time being as well.

This isn't the first questionable decision that policymakers have made in the Peach State. Last month, several rappers took to social media to voice their disapproval of Governor Kemp's decision to begin reopening nonessential businesses in the state. Artists like T.I. and Killer Mike cited how the reopening of Atlanta, Georgia would have negative effects on many of its black inhabitants, a population that also poses a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 because of pre-existing health conditions.