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Anyone with a bird-feeder knows that squirrels love to steal treats that aren't meant for them. This moved one former NASA and Apple engineer to come up with a clever way to combat these menaces. 

YouTuber Mark Rober is famous for answering science questions, building intricate structures, and conducting engineering experiments on his channel.

He's recently been entangled in a battle with some squirrels who are stealing the walnuts he set out for the birds. 

To stop this, Rober spent his time in quarantine creating a Ninja Warrior-esque obstacle course to defeat the squirrels, complete with a rope ladder, mazes, catapults, and other obstacles. But to his surprise, the crafty animals were able to either pass through the course or jump over the hurdles after a few tries. This led Rober to deem squirrels the "parkour masters of the animal kingdom."

Rober's documented the entire process in a nearly 20-minute long video that you can watch above.