Shots were fired at a park in Fort Worth, Texas where around 600 people were reportedly gathered on Sunday, leaving five people injured. 

Fort Worth police responded to the Village Creek Park at approximately 7:00 p.m. on Sunday. Witnesses told authorities that fireworks were being set off in the park followed by close to 30 rounds of gunfire.

Five people were shot during the incident. Three victims suffered non-life threatening injuries while the other two are in critical condition. 

"The best thing we can do for them is obviously pray and get them some medical care right now," Public Information Officer Buddy Calzada said about the victims during a press briefing

Officer Calzada also explained that the police are not sure how many shooters were involved in the firefight. The Fort Worth gang unit will be handling the investigation with assistance from federal and state authorities. 

Texas' stay-at-home ordinance expired on May 1 allowing parks to be open to residents. Still, people have been encouraged by officials to social distance when they're out of their homes. 

"We've been stating that everyone would follow the rules that have been set out," Calzada said when asked about the large crowd that gathered on Sunday. "We've tried to work with everybody to not try to cite them or ticket them but ultimately people have a choice and that's just the choice they made tonight." 

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