The man at the center of a wild viral video has racked up nearly $10,000 in damages.

On Tuesday, a video started to go viral showing a Los Angeles area Studio 6 motel that was flooded due to activity in one of the rooms. According to the man taking the video, Prophet Amen Ra, the presumed suspect exited the room soaking wet. He then climbed over the banister and jumped on a customer's Nissan SUV.

TMZ was able to get in contact with Prophet Amen Ra and the motel employees. Prophet Amen Ra claims the fire alarm was going off for a while but workers were unable to get into the room because the door was locked. The workers went on to tell the publication that when they got into the room they saw that the suspect had turned on all the faucets and busted pipes in the ceiling. This created close to $10,000 in damage. 

Both the Los Angeles County Fire and Sheriff's Departments responded to the scene, but neither the motel nor the car's owner wanted to press charges against the jumper. The man reportedly explained to them that he had no malicious intent and that his floor just started to flood. Sources tell TMZ that the Nissan's owner does have insurance and that they got the jumper's information just in case criminal charges are filed and the case ends up in court. 

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