A photographer has released a compilation video of self-portraits he took every day, starting on Jan. 11, 2000 and ending on Jan. 11, 2020.

Many of the images that photographer Noah Kalina captured were shot before the word “selfie” became so ubiquitous. While the video breezes through a number of photos in seconds, it took him just over eight minutes to show the 7,300 photos taken throughout the years. Kalina keeps the same expression throughout each image, even as he begins to look different and as the setting where the photo is taken changes. His expression, coupled with the somber music, make for a stirring depiction of life and growing older.

Kalina has previously released selfie videos that have gone viral. The first video he published in 2006 has garnered almost 27 million views, and a second visual shared in 2012 now has over 6 million views.

Watch the latest selfie video from the photographer above.