Twas the night before Thanksgiving eve when Bernie Sanders, whose 2020 campaign has already featured top-shelf appearances on Desus & Mero and more, stopped by Tonight Show headquarters to slow-jam the news.

"We need to enact Medicare for All," Sanders, backed by the Roots and host Jimmy Fallon, told the audience to much applause. "We need to tackle the dangerous threat of climate change and we need to get big money out of politics. I don't have a super PAC. Instead, I have a grassroots campaign with more individual contributions than any candidate in American history. I am proud of the donations we receive, no matter how small."

Fallon, jokingly referring to Sanders as his "bed-headed broham," also pointed to the super PAC fact, albeit with a slightly different angle. "He might not have a super PAC, but he's packing something super," Fallon said.

See the full slow jam segment up top.

Sanders' take on the recurring Tonight Show bit, of course, doesn't mark the first time a presidential candidate has taken on the challenge. Both Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg have slow-jammed with Fallon and company this year, while former POTUS Barack Obama has bagged two slow jam appearances including one from Fallon's pre-Tonight Show era.

Sanders also joined Fallon on Tuesday night for some couch talk, as well as a round of free throws: