A North Carolina high school assistant football coach has resigned following the posting of an Instagram video in which he used racial slurs and said the laughably dumb phrase "white power."

"I was greatly dismayed and disappointed to see this type of behavior and mindset from someone in a position of trust," Knightdale High School principal Keith Richardson said of John Hoskins' resignation Tuesday, according to regional outlet WNCN. "It is the responsibility of a coach to uphold the highest standards of behavior. They are role models to our children on and off the field, and are trusted to coach our students with the utmost integrity."

Richardson added that the administration considers it "deeply upsetting" when a school employee breaks this trust.

"Furthermore, using the language of white supremacy stirs up feelings of fear, intimidation, and threats of racial violence," Richardson said. 

Despite later claiming "I'm not a racist," the video in question—per CBS News—was shared by Hoskins and showed him saying both white power and the n-word. Prior to its deletion, school officials were alerted to its presence.

Hoskins told ABC 11 that his career has now been "ruined" by "15 seconds of fame in the wrong way."