Parents generally don't think about the candy that gets handed out while trick or treating, but police are warning parents to take a second look at any candy their kids receive.

Pennsylvania police have issued a stern warning via Facebook Thursday after they found "Nerds Rope edibles containing 400mg of THC" in the state's Stonycreek Township.

"During this Halloween, we urge parents to be ever vigilant in checking their children's candy before allowing them to consume those treats,"  the Johnstown Police Department wrote. "Drug laced edibles are package like regular candy and may be hard to distinguish from the real candy."


Ferrara Candy Company is aware of the laced candy, and tells CBS News that they are "working with the relevant authorities" to ensure the appropriate steps are being taken.

"This product is counterfeit and in no way associated with Ferrara Candy Company. We want to reassure consumers that the products they find at major retailers across the country are safe for them to consume," the candy company stated.

The Food and Drug Administration is privy to all of the tricks people like to play with Halloween candy. They encourage parents to make sure their kids not to "accept anything that isn’t commercially wrapped."

"Inspect commercially wrapped treats for signs of tampering, such as an unusual appearance or discoloration, tiny pinholes, or tears in wrappers," the FDA warns. "Throw away anything that looks suspicious."

It's likely people would rather take this candy, rather than candy corn, however. Candy corn ranks number one on the list of America's least favorite Halloween candy in 2019.