After a pair of students got into a fight during a class at Lynwood High School in California, one teacher was filmed allegedly choking one of the teenagers. Fox 11 Los Angeles reports that 15-year-old Andrew Boyd was put in a chokehold by 53-year-old history teacher David Williams.

Boyd has claimed he was attacked by a student from a different class and was merely defending himself. "I'm looking at the teacher, like, 'Are you going to anything to intervene? Are you going to stop this? Are you going to call security? Are you going to do anything?'" he said in an interview.

When Boyd stood up from his seat after the other student had attacked him, Williams intervened. "Immediately as he put me in the chokehold I began to tap out, and he refused to let me go," Boyd continued. "In the video you can see him asking me, like, 'Do you wanna go out?'"

The incident only became public knowledge after another student posted the clip on social media, and Boyd's mother was never notified by the school about what happened.

In a statement, the Lynwood Unified School District said, "The Lynwood Unified School District does not condone physical violence in any form and takes this matter very seriously. We are fully committed to ensuring all of our schools are safe and secure learning environments for our students, families and staff." 

Williams is currently on administrative leave as the school district and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department investigate the incident. Boyd's family is looking into possible legal action to take against the teacher.

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