Influencer With Super Long Tongue Says She's Made About $100,000 This Year

Take advantage of your gifts.

A 21-year-old West Palm Beach, Florida woman by the name of Mikayla Saravia says that she has brought in $99,500 this year by simply posting pictures of her long tongue, which reportedly stretches out to 6.5 inches. To any avid reader of thirsty Instagram comments, well, the appeal here shouldn't be super hard to figure out.

According to LAD Bible, Saravia brings in between $900-$3,000 for each picture/video she shares with her 2 million followers in which she licks food items or twerks. Her page, which seems to fluctuate between being safe for work to very not safe for work to technically safe but probably kind of hard to explain, features an array of her showing off her extremely long tongue powers.

In addition to making money off her posts, Saravia also hocks merchandise on her website with logos that show off her officially trademarked speech articulator (does that work as a synonym? Who cares).

She also has her own app, KKVSH, which has merchandise that features phone holders, "longer than usual" iPhone chargers, sex toys, and also shirts.

Speaking to LAD Bible, she says that she makes dough because: "I do ads and I monetise my YouTube and my app. I also sell merch on my website."

She says that last year she made just shy of $50,000, but that in 2019 she's already doubled that.

LAD Bible reports that Saravia is a self-proclaimed anime fan and that enjoys spending time reading comic books.

As for what she wants people to know, she said : "I wish people understood that I'm very down to earth. Some people think people with a lot of followers are cocky and boujee but I'm pretty down to earth." She also adds that "My biggest inspiration is my mom. I love her she's a very strong woman. I'm proud of my accomplishments, being so young and owning my own company."

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