The NYPD confirmed the death of YouTuber Desmond "Etika" Amofah on Tuesday, according to ABC 7 NY.

Authorities state that Amofah's body was recovered from the East River in Lower Manhattan on Monday night. This the tragic conclusion to a search that began June 19 when Amofah was first reported missing. 

Amofah is known for his popular YouTube channel. Under the name Etika, Amofah created Nintendo-centric streams and other entertaining videos leading to a massive fanbase. Yet within the past year, his online behavior started to become erratic. In Oct. of 2018, his YouTube account was deactivated after he uploaded pornography to his channel. He accompanied this antic with a comment reading "time to die."

In April, he live-streamed himself getting detained by the police. According to reports, a fan called the authorities following a series of concerning tweets. This includes several threats of suicide and a picture of himself holding a gun. The following month, he assaulted a police officer and was admitted to the hospital for evaluations. 

The final incident came right before he was reported missing. In an eight-minute video, Amofah opened up about his suicidal thoughts while apologizing for "leaving such a stained legacy." 36 hours after the video was uploaded, the NYPD started to officially investigate his disappearance as a missing persons case.

Despite his battle with mental health, no cause of death has been reported by the authorities.

The news of Amofah's passing has touched his fans and they're taking to social media to eulogize him.