In our increasingly performative lives, perhaps some time has been wasted futilely attempting to give the appearance of having gone on a pricey vacation without ever actually pricily vacationing.

Enter Fake A Vacation, a well-named company from Nebraska that will—for a price, of course—fake an entire getaway on your behalf that includes fabricated photos of you in front of region-specific imagery. The company recently received some headlines by way of a New York Post piece on the practice, which one can only hope will result in someone else launching a company called Fake a Fake Vacation in which customers pay people to put together the believable appearance of having faked a vacation.

"They fake it … sometimes because the actual vacation is too expensive, so they plan this way or sometimes they do it to get others envious," Tom Eda, Fake A Vacation's head of marketing and support, told the Post in a report that also cites a recent study that showed as many as 14 percent of adults had lied about vacationing.

The company kicked off back in 2017 and gives prospective liars the chance to order faux vacay photos in multiple package options. In a presumed effort to ward off any detective-esque friends from pinpointing the fakery, site staff coordinate with customers by suggesting clothing and whatnot. Prices start at $19.99, with spots like Hawaii and Las Vegas up for grabs.

In loosely related news, we also learned today that as many as one-third of millennials prefer bingewatching over sex.