A Georgetown, Kentucky teacher found herself in handcuffs after authorities say that she was highly intoxicated during class.

Brook Allen West was arrested on Monday (Apr. 15), after admitting to downing four shots of vodka before noon, WKYT reports. She was arrested at Royal Spring Middle School, where she served as a substitute teacher. Students claim the 32 year-old reeked of alcohol and was yelling obscenities before eventually falling asleep. Concerned with her behavior, a student informed a sherriff's deputy, who also worked at the school.

By the time the afternoon rolled around, West was placed in handcuffs, after police determined her BAC level to be a whopping .317%. To put things in perspective, she was almost four times the legal drinking limit in Kentucky, which is .08%. She was charged with intoxication in a public place, as well as endangering the welfare of a minor.

Parents were relieved to learn that West no longer has a job with the school district. Scott County Schools released a statement saying school personnel "acted immediately upon learning of this behavior." 

In 2016, a teacher was awarded a $75,000 settlement after losing her job after she showed up to a field trip while intoxicated. If West wants to capitalize on her delinquent behavior, she should probably start by reading this.