Man Chokes Grocery Store Cashier for Smashing His Bags of Chips

For one Pennsylvania man, a playful cashier and some crushed bags combined to pull the pin out of his internal grenade. 

Potato chips

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Potato chips

As most people know, it doesn't take much to set someone off when they're having a bad day. For one Pennsylvania man, it took just a playful cashier and some crushed bags to pull the pin out of his internal grenade. 

According to the Fairview Township Police, Bradley Bower got into an altercation with a Giant Food Store employee for being careless with his groceries. In his statement to authorities, Bower explained that he asked the clerk to "not throw his groceries around" because he had several bags of chips that he didn't want to get "all smashed up." However, the cashier continued to be reckless with his items, even going as far as to put his canned goods in the same bag as the chips. After warning the victim again to no avail, Brower was forced to pay for his items, including the crushed bags of chips.

Before the story continues, it should be noted that Brower didn't just get his chips crushed. Rather, he got his food smashed in front of his wife. That wasn't an L he willing or ready to hold. So, before leaving the store, Brower turned around and asked the employee, "Do you have a problem with me? Because I have a problem with you."

Now, given the structure of the statement, most would detect a hint of aggression or a pending confrontation. Yet, for some reason, the cashier thought Brower was joking and responded by saying, "Do you?" At this point, Brower had enough. The retort triggered Brower to the point that he decided to make the victim the personification of "playing too much." Brower began to attack the clerk, shoving the worker against the cash register before grabbing the victim's neck and repeatedly yelling, "Idiot." Eventually, the employee was able to push Brower away and signal his manager, who then called the police.

Upon being arrested, Brower admitted that he was in the wrong. He confessed that the cashier's lack of care "just sent him over the edge" after already having a bad day. Brower was charged with simple assault, and the victim suffered minor bruises as the result of the attack. 

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