Nancy Oakley, city commissioner for Madeira Beach in Florida, decided to step down Tuesday in light of accusations that she licked the faces of her male co-workers and groped them. “Following a ruling by an administrative law judge and a final recommendation from the Florida Commission on Ethics, Ms. Oakley decided to resign her position as a City Commissioner so that the community can move forward," Madeira Beach city spokesman Curt Preisser said in a statement, per The Hill

Oakley was fined $5,000 after Florida's Commission on Ethics concluded that she was “misusing her position by exhibiting inappropriate behavior toward city staff.” Former Madeira Beach City Manager Shane Crawford filed a complaint two years ago, alleging that Oakley made “unwanted sexual advances” towards him and then-director of the city’s public works department Dave Marsicano during a 2012 fishing tournament. 

Crawford claims that his executive assistant, Cherylanne McGrady confronted Oakley following the incident. Oakley responded by attempting to punch McGrady, however, it didn’t land.

Crawford claims he didn’t come forward sooner because Oakley was his superior at the time. He opted to wait until she was re-elected as city commissioner to file his complaint. "He said he would not have tolerated Ms. Oakley’s behavior had she not been a City Commissioner, but he feared he would be terminated if he attempted to thwart her advances,” according to the ethics commission report.

In her resignation letter, Oakley maintains her innocence, adding, “It is time for us all to move on.”