“They call him Speedy ’cause he used to be fast. He’s not fast anymore.”

It’s 1 p.m. on a Wednesday, and I’m sitting in Dapper Cut & Shave Barbershop in Ridgewood, Queens, New York. Next to me is Eric “Ish” Ishman, brother of Complex’s own Speedy Morman. They’re technically lifelong friends, but the pair is so close that calling them “brothers” feels more appropriate. Which is why Speedy is (barely) offended by the dig.

“Ish, what you talkin’ about over there?!” Speedy shouts from the barber’s chair at the back of the shop with a wide grin; teeth glinting like the diamonds in his ears. The 24-year-old is preparing to fly to Los Angeles this evening for a video shoot by taking care of some business at home first. He’s partnered with Under Armour to help promote the brand’s latest iteration of the HOVR running shoe, and Complex is on hand to capture every moment of his day. That includes hitting Dapper for his (almost) weekly appointment.

Growing up, Speedy split his time between Ridgewood and Lefrak City. Although currently residing in Astoria, the Queens native remains loyal to his old stomping grounds. His barber, Hippie, has been fading his hair for the past 15 years.