YouTubers have been caught up in some very stupid things in 2018, but most of these incidents didn't end in death. Pakistan Today reports that Pakistani YouTuber Rana Zuhair, part of the Lahori Vines YouTube channel, was shot and killed while filming a prank video in which he pretended to be a ghost in an attempt to scare people. Zuhair reportedly approached a family in a park near Lytton Road, Lahore with a white sheet over his head, at which point one of the family members opened fire on him, killing him instantly.

The other two members of the Lahori Vines channel, Hasnat Ali and Abdul Saboor, have been arrested by police under the suspicion that they might be behind the killing of Zuhair. The Lahori Vines YouTube channel features a number of videos in which the three men prank unsuspecting members of the public, usually to questionable results. Subscribers on the channel have grown since the incident, but only to an unassuming 3200.

The trio launched Lahori Vines in November, promising to "entertain people of our society, by our talent and fun." Earlier this year, a 20-year-old Minnesota woman was charged with second-degree manslaughter when she fatally shot her 22-year-old boyfriend for a YouTube vlog. The couple had a channel in which they filmed themselves doing pranks, amateur stunts, and a number of challenges. She shot him through a book which he was holding up, believing it would stop the bullet she fired.