It's been a while since Donald Trump was handing out Stone Cold Stunners in a wrestling ring, but that doesn't mean that violence is entirely off the table in the current White House. Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski made that clear when he told TMZ that he would absolutely win in a fight with Chief of Staff John Kelly. 

The proclamation came after a paparazzo tracked Lewandowski down and asked him about a rumored altercation that occurred just outside the Oval Office. According to sources who spoke to the New York Times, Lewandowski and Kelly squared up after Kelly accused him of running a grift and enriching himself off of ties to the administration. The Times reported that Kelly grabbed Lewandowski by the collar and attempted to shove him against a wall while calling for agents to remove him from the West Wing.

Lewandowski said that the fight never happened. 

"Don't believe the hype. Do I look like a guy — come on," he said. "I have no idea what you're talking about my friend."

When pressed on the issue, however, Corey told the pap that he would get the upper hand if it ever came down to a fight between Kelly and himself.

"I always bet on me," he said. 

There's almost no doubt that there's tension between Lewandowski and other members of Trump's administration. Corey is a staunch Trump loyalist and he railed to TMZ about the people on Trump's staff who don't have the president's back.     

"They don't support him and that's the most disappointing part," he said. "You got to support the president. If you work for the president, you got to support him. That's what everybody should do."