Although Twitter can be a dark place, one teen proved this weekend that it can at least be helpful enough to find a childhood friend.

Mississippian Brianna, who goes by @BriannaCry on Twitter, said she sparked a friendship with @Heii_Tree while she was vacationing in Hawaii with her parents in 2006. They were "best friends" for one night and soon lost touch. Twelve years later, Brianna decided to find her childhood buddy by giving Twitter a shot. "I miss her and I need to see how she's doing now," she said.

With nearly 200,000 retweets, her prayers were answered when @Heii_Tree—a Californian named Heidi, according to Daily Maii—replied to the viral post by letting it be known that she is the girl the world Brianna was looking for. In the tweet, she held an old family picture that featured her wearing a dress that looks like the one she's wearing in Bri's Twitter pic.

The reunion fulfilled Bri's heart and warmed others. Although the two just linked back up, Twitter users have asked if they're planning to meet up. The answer: Do you have we-should-meet-up money?