Two of Brett Kavanaugh's college friends, Liz Swisher and Lynne Brookes, accused him of committing perjury during his testimony for the Senate Judiciary Committee. In the hearing, Kavanaugh, who's accused of sexually assaulting at least three women, claimed he barely drank alcohol in college.

"I was appalled. He was clearly lying and it was incredibly disturbing to see somebody perjuring themselves who's in line to be a Supreme Court justice," said Swisher, who was roommates with Brookes and one of Kavanaugh's accusers, Deborah Ramirez.

Brookes, who was roommates with Swisher and Ramirez, agreed. "The reason that I decided to speak out was when he gave the Fox News interview and as I said in The Washington Post tried to paint himself as a choir boy where all he did was study and play sports and every once in awhile he would have a beer and that simply not consistent with the Brett Kavanaugh that I knew in college," she said.

The two also commented on whether or not they believe Ramirez's sexual assault accusations.

"Well, I did not witness any of that kind of behavior," said Brookes. "I didn't witness that specific incident and nor did I witness Brett doing that at any of the parties that I was with him. I do believe Debbie Ramirez's account. She is not someone that would come forward and lie but that's not behavior that I witnessed from Brett Kavanaugh."

Swisher added that "was very upsetting because I do believe Debbie. She's a very honest, innocent person. But I was not able to corroborate that because again, I wasn't there. But men rarely do those types of things when other girls are around."