Discrimination and racism have no geographical limits. Earlier this month, an angry white man in Manhattan threatened to call ICE on workers speaking Spanish at a local salad restaurant. Now we head down to Texas, where an angry white man yelled “buy you a ticket back to Mexico" to a Jack in the Box employee named Maria over a coupon dispute, according to Houston’s ABC affiliate.

Check out video of the exchange below.

In the video, the customer appears frustrated over a coupon for a free hamburger. A manager approaches customer, asking him what’s wrong. The customer replies “she told my son no. She lied her ass off. She thought she could get away with it,” suggesting Maria turned away the coupon.  

The manager attempts to clear up the situation, but not before the customer storms off. "Hey, you are going to get fired," the man then says, addressing Maria, before walking away from the counter. "Goodbye Maria. Buy you a ticket back to Mexico."

The woman who filmed the altercation told ABC that her and her 9-year-old daughter were stunned during the incident. "Omg! Never thought I'd experience racism so close," the unidentified woman wrote in a Facebook post following the encounter.

Jack in the Box has not released a statement regarding the incident.

Since the video doesn’t show the customer's face, it’s unlikely he’ll meet the same fate as Aaron Schlossberg, the lawyer who threatened individuals in Manhattan to get “kicked out of my country." He later apologized for the incident, after being booted out of his office space and having people protest outside of his apartment.