William Feegba has been retroactively filing lawsuits against every president since Jimmy Carter and demanding backpay rent due to his claim that he is a descendant of George Washington. According to TMZ, while Feegba has been unsuccessful in his attempts to collect payment from Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, W. Bush, and Obama—he’s now actively trying his hand with Donald Trump.

Feegba claims there’s been a tenant-landlord breach, as Trump has resided at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for over a year without paying his dues. The court documents detail Feegba’s requesting $240,000 in unpaid rent, at a mathematically confusing $25,000 per month rate. While those numbers don’t add up, we probably shouldn’t expect too much intellect from a man suing the President over rent money.

The retroactive suits began last year when Feegba started filing against every President since the Carter administration in 1977. As for the figures he’s been demanding, they’ve varied from $12,000 to $100,000, depending on the POTUS in question. Perhaps Feegba has accurately accounted for inflation in his brazen and hopeless suits. 

Regarding Feegba’s claims that our nation’s first President was his ancestor, that may plausibly be true, yet in my recollection of the Constitution, there isn’t any mention that each future President owes George Washington’s descendants rent money. It seems like a bad case, overall, the paper-thin nature of which should have become apparent to Feegba in the last, say, 12 months.